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June 16, 2014

did you know that you need to keep track of the blank pages in your passport? if you have not filled all your passport visa pages before you might not be aware of this, but when you run out of blank passport pages you won’t be crossing many borders. make sure you check your passport and know how many completely blank pages you have before departing. different countries have different requirements about how many blank visa pages you need to have to enter, so be sure to do your research ahead of time. below is information to get you started:

-to have pages added to your passport

  1. your passport must be valid for at least the next six months.
  2. you have to fill out application form “DS-4085” and pay the fee specified. this can be filled out online and saved as a printable .pdf if you go to
  3. mail your passport in or bring it to a passport agency.

pages are added in books of can have two sets added at once if you have a need to. there is not an extra fee for this.

-turn around.

  • routine
    • 4-6weeks
  • expediated
    • 3 weeks
  • at agency
    • as soon as 8 days!

if your passport will be expiring within 6 months, you won’t be able to have pages added, you will need to apply for a renewal using  form “DS-82”.

this can be filled out online and saved as a printable .pdf if you go to

  •   when applying for the renewal you should check the “52 page” box on the application. it doesn’t cost extra, and unless the government is running low on paper you will get all 52 pages(OF WICH 43 ARE BLANK AND READY TO BE STAMPED) instead of the standard 28 pages (OF WHICH 17 ARE BLANK AND READY TO BE STAMPED).
  • this option should be considered if your passport will be expiring within a year, theres no need to pay for having extra pages added AND pay for a renewal a few months later.

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