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WARNING! hotel freak: uncensored advice from a neurotic pov.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!…

If you’re on tour you’ve no doubt anticipated the fleeting hours of a day off, the day’s adventure or lack thereof, or simply the solitude of your own hotel room where you may find solace from the unavoidable and unescapable babble, body odors, and bacteria that is our life on a tour bus. …Continue Reading

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The Mental Health of Tour Life. on and off the road.

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The music industry is a very demanding field to work in both physically as well as mentally. We all know the long hours ahead of us as we prepare to step out the front door, get into an ‘uber’, head to the airport, check our luggage, get through security, grab a coffee, walk down the jet bridge, buckle in for the ride and finally take off. That’s just the beginning of it all- there may be many challenges, stresses and successes ahead. …Continue Reading

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Health and wellness on the road. Why you owe it to yourself.

After almost two decades of touring I was worn out, unhappy, unmotivated and generally depressed; not to mention the amount of bad habits I perfected along the way– I needed to change. I quit smoking, started training, changed my diet and started taking supplements. I drank more water, got more sleep and invested in me! Here is what I learned from lots and lots of trial and error on the path to create effective and lasting change.  …Continue Reading

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The right tools for the job: Workbox essentials.

Choosing what to pack in a small workbox before you leave for a gig can be a little stressful at times. This is especially true if you are just starting out,  working for a new client, or you have lined up some one-offs. You may not always know exactly what you are in for until you actually get to the gig. Being able to do a lot with a little can make you that much more valuable – be the go to person who is always prepared. …Continue Reading