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Quick tour tip: 2 valid passports. Yes it is possible…

Everyone knows that in today’s day and age we need a valid passport to travel internationally, everywhere. It is an extremely important document which needs to be safe guarded and protected while abroad. It’s your access to the world. Losing your passport can not only be a nightmare but also can create a serious situation.
Especially while traveling for tour where time is almost always of the essence.

That being said did you know you can obtain a second valid passport?

Not a duplicate which is given out on a very limited basis. A second passport; with its own date of issue, expiration and number; can be obtained with a legitimate reason. One reason is needing to send it out to obtain visas during times when your already out of the country with your passport. With written letters explaining the reason(s) a 2nd passport is needed you can get one without all that much hassle. This 2nd passport is only valid for one to two years but can be requested again as needed. I can tell you having one of these in your possession is priceless when bouncing from place to place for weeks at a time. Just knowing you got a back up… Well for techs that’s what we’re all about. A rig and B rig.

This can also come in handy in other ways like to visit countries who do not allow entry to passport holders with stamps from enemy countries. This can make traveling in the Middle East easy.

Two passports are most certainly better then only one. All you need is a truthful and valid reason.