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The world, one show at a time. An Introduction to This Tour Life.

It seems that lots of people dream about a life where one gets paid to travel. The chance to get out of the cubical or florescent-lit office and out into the world of the unfamiliar sounds quite appealing. This idea of a utopic merger of priceless experience and monetary satisfaction all rolled into one, sounds well…exciting.

Few jobs cover the globe more extensively then when working in the music business as part of a touring crew. Planes, trains, automobiles and, yes, even boats (i.e. ferries) become your commute to work. Going town to town, venturing to almost all the major counties/continents in the world.

Music touring as a business is a world unto itself, traveling the planet together (very intimately with new people every few months), bringing musicians to their hungry fans. In this world of touring there are many different roles and variables. All require personnel to be responsible for overseeing, and executing their own tasks to pull this traveling entourage into a fully realized state. Within this dynamic there are of course many different ways to do things, but all with one goal in mind…to make the show happen.

What it takes to do this night after night in clubs, bars, arenas, fields and pretty much anywhere there is room (or even not enough at times) is no small task. The mission of the road crew is to pull it all together. Each department works within their role to make it whole. The crew are the ones behind the scenes in place to make the technical and logistical parts happen, from the lights, to the band gear, to flights and much much more.

This Tour Life is an inside to that world and the things it takes to make it happen. We want to celebrate the ideas and people who pull off what, at times, can seem daunting and almost impossible to achieve. This is where our interests lie. To share insight into a job that works against all the elements and factors of life- time, distance and nature. This site is intended to explore and celebrate all things in the world known as music touring. Written and contributed to by those who did it and are still doing it, the people who make up this incredibly fast paced and innovative career, who have seen the world and tested the limits of the road. It’s many ups, and yes, more then its share of downs. Here we will explore the latest and greatest, the tried and true of all that is and comes with “the Road” -in hopes to create a place of shared knowledge and experience. This tour life will stand as a resource for all from those who have the expertise, knowledge and experience.

As individuals, no matter how good we are at what we do, we do not know everything. What we don’t personally know, out there somewhere, there is always someone else who does know. This knowledge is the priceless legacy of experience and we believe it should be acknowledged and shared to all those interested in the world that makes up touring.

In all of this controlled chaos, from the visual concepts to how the audience hears the show and everything in between, there come some of the most creative and innovative ideas. We hope you enjoy this window into the usually unseen or noticed world behind live music.

Have a great show!


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