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the baking soda and superglue trick

did you know that baking soda is an accelerant for superglue? not only does it speed up the already accelerated drying time, it adds mass to the glue so it can be used as a filler. furthermore you can replace the baking soda with shavings from a correlative material to that of which you are repairing. like useing rosewood dust and superglue to repair a chipped or dented fretboard.

»»if you decide to try this out, keep a few things in mind««

  1. if you plan on filling in a large area make sure you work in layers or it will never dry right. do not just use a pool of glue and a pile of baking soda.
  2. this is an EXOTHERMIC reaction and will produce heat.
  3. it dries really fast.

in the video below you can see a nut getting repaired on an old acoustic guitar with bone shavings and superglue.

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