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Creating a light rider.

We asked our friend and colleague Eamonn Mckiernan (Lighting Designer/Director for bands such as Cage the Elephant, AWOLNation, Silversun Pickups, Little Dragon, and most recently Foster the People) for some advice on  creating a lighting rider for a tour and how to make sure you communicate your needs through your advance. …Continue Reading

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Death & Taxes

Its tax season again, a time most of us dread- especially those of us who travel the globe for a living. Some people swear that they have the “best entertainment tax account in the biz” while others are always on the hunt for someone who really understands their “uncommon” tax situation. Every year I hear people ask around for that awesome tax accountant who can work their “magic” with your tax liability. Let me just say that an accountant is NOT a magician! …Continue Reading

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de-tune before flying? no sir.

There has always been this running school of thought about the absolute need to de-tune guitars before flying, especially when having to check them in. The fear of anything happening to the artists guitars or your own because one didn’t de-tune them has kept this idea from the past firmly ingrained in the present. De-tuning is not necessary nor is it advantageous to the over all health and safety of the guitar when in transport. …Continue Reading

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Creating an Input List

We asked our FOH engineer friend and colleague James Lawrenson, currently FOH for Foster the People (He has worked for such bands as Young the Giant,Grouplove, 3OH!3 and also works in house at The Bowery Presents venue Terminal 5 in NYC) if he would share some tips on how to put together a solid input list and the things to include to insure a successful translation. …Continue Reading

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Tour tip: A better plan for using your phone internationally.

International cell phone roaming charges can quickly get out of control when touring abroad. Even for the most conservative and savvy users, the costs can be astronomical. The constant search for WiFi ,specifically good WiFi, to keep costs down abroad can be very time consuming and down right frustrating to say the least! After being fed up with large phone bills I accrued every time I went on tour abroad, which is typically about half the year, I did some research and found, at least for me, the best all around cell phone solution. I made a switch to T-Mobile and immediately got the chance to test out their included international “global coverage” features. …Continue Reading

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Tour tip: Pockets full of “shrapnel”. What to do with all that foreign change.

International touring can leave you with pockets full of unexchangeable coins. Holding on to it with the intent of using it next time often fails to get rid of it all. More often what happens is you end up collecting more change. It can be like Sisyphus pushing that darn boulder up hill only to watch it roll back down again and start all over. This collateral effect is commonly referred to as “shrapnel”. …Continue Reading

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Quick tour tip: 2 valid passports. Yes it is possible…

Everyone knows that in today’s day and age we need a valid passport to travel internationally, everywhere. It is an extremely important document which needs to be safe guarded and protected while abroad. It’s your access to the world. Losing your passport can not only be a nightmare but also can create a serious situation.
Especially while traveling for tour where time is almost always of the essence.

That being said did you know you can obtain a second valid passport? …Continue Reading