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Quick tour tip: bus stock, better choices on the road.

It can be tough to travel and eat well. When the time comes to make a list of bus stock foods on the tour bus, try making some better choices. It takes a bit of extra thought and time, but if we keep it simple and stick to a few rules we can maintain a healthy diet on tour.


rule #1

Reduce sugar.


Avoid processed foods.

rule #3

Eat more protein.

rule #4

Eat healthy carbs and fats.



Let’s face it, if you’re eating crap you’re probably not performing at your optimum level. We really are what we eat. Our body, blood, brain, skin and organs are all a reflection of what we eat on a daily basis. Some effects of our diet are subtle, some more obvious, but all of it affects us. Our energy levels, cognitive abilities and overall mood are all impacted by the things we eat. Food is all too often less about daily nutrition and more about our need to satisfy cravings.  Touring is very active by nature but no amount of activity or exercise can combat an overall poor diet.

Variety in nutrition can have many benefits, although successfully maintaining a good healthy diet for most means not over complicating it. Here is a simple guide you can use for eating better on the bus…

Bus stock list:


Instant oatmeal (lowest sugar or none)

Skim milk, almond milk or coconut milk

Whole and egg whites

Whole wheat English muffins

Fat free granola bars

Kashi Go Lean cereal

Cottage cheese

Whole wheat waffles



Tuna packets

Peanut or almond Butter

Jelly (lowest sugar)

Whole wheat bread or pita

Applegate roast beef and turkey breast



Raw vegetables


Greek yogurt (Chobani)

Green apples



Almonds, walnuts

Protein bar (low sugar like Quest bars)

Beef or turkey jerky

String cheese

Saltine crackers


Dark chocolate (over 70%)


Frozen Steamers vegetables

Frozen brown or jasmine rice or quinoa

Grilled chicken breast

Sweet potato

Kashi frozen dinners


Flavorhot sauce and mustard, salsa, cinnamon and olive oil are you flavor friends.

This is a simple list of food that will provide the protein, fiber, carbs and healthy fats you need. There are many more options if you know what to look for, however I suggest keeping it simple at first.

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