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Quick tour tip: ‘dying of thirst’ water solutions to go.

Drinking water is essential to life and good health. We all know this to be fact. Clean water however is not always a readily available commodity when traveling. At times I feel I can never have enough water at my disposal on the road. I try to usually start my day off by immediately downing two 8 ounce glasses of water to rehydrate and wake me up after a nights sleep. I also drink one bottle with every snack and meal I eat. Finding yourself in need of water and contemplating buying that expensive bottle in your hotel room can be regrettable and unnecessary.

Here are a few things you can do in this situation to avoid the over priced bottled water in the hotel.

Stay stocked by grabbing a few from the bus stock, backstage or maybe at the meeting or conference (for those who don’t tour.)

Stock up on your flight. If individual water bottles are available ask throughout the flight for as many as the flight attendant is willing to allow you.

If you happen to be getting picked up by a car service from the airport they almost always provide bottled water for their customers.

If you forget to do one of these, don’t grab enough or you are doing fly dates and can’t carry water through airport security checkpoints with you to the next destination- you can find drinking water at the hotel gym!

If the hotel you are at has a fitness center, then they most certainly provide free water either in bottles or from a water cooler. Stock up or fill up here.


do what I believe is one of the better solutions, use the tap directly by purchasing a reusable filtering water bottle.

Potable tap water is readily available in most developed countries. If you go this route, make sure you purchase a reusable bottle that is BPA free to avoid the harmful chemicals that plastics can release into your water. The filter will last for around 3 months of use and are inexpensive to replace. You can also take it to the next level and purchase a UV water purifier like the SteriPEN Adventurer Opti which is light weight and designed for the traveler/outdoors.


Bottled water is not necessarily healthier then tap water!

Tap water is often subject to more stringent regulation and testing than bottled water.

Water is a fraction of the cost from the tap.

Tap water can in many cases be cleaner, cheaper, and thus, healthier.

A reusable water bottle is more environmentally friendly than bottled water… that is if you care about that sort of thing. You know the planet and all. No biggie.

Stay hydrated, Healthy and safe.

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