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take care of yourself: running

Being on tour is hard work and can do a lot of damage to your body. You might not realize that while working against the clock when loading/unloading the truck your poor posture is doing a lot of harm to you.

Hi, I’m Martina and I will be here once and a while to help you implement exercise into your touring life. Exercising on tour is crucial if you want to keep working: if you don’t maintain a strong limber body, months on the road will tear you apart. You don’t need a gym, simple tools are enough to train your body as long as you maintain a routine.

The first thing on our list of equipment is running shoes,the smallest cardio machine in the world. Please dare to invest some money in good running shoes, they’ll do half of the work for you (Try to not run in old, worn out shoes!). In the past few years running has really become the hip thing in the exercise world. Some experts claim running is great for you, some others claim the opposite; we think, as with a lot of things, moderation is the golden rule. You should find out for yourself if you like it or not, having fun while exercising is the first step (literally) to a healthy body.

Running is not only good for your cardiovascular system, you also become stronger and destroy the extra (beer) weight. If you have never run before make sure you take it easy in the beginning. Don’t push yourself to keep up with what friends and colleagues who brag about their times or distances. You need to follow your own pace, if you do you will enjoy your run a lot more. Sometimes running in small groups can be fun and motivating, but at other times running alone is what you want. Running is a great way to free your mind and also explore the city you are stopped in for the day.

A little tip from us: RUN WITH A GOAL. It doesn’t matterif you want to run competitively or if you have your own personal goal (distance, time, route etc..). the fact that you are running towards something will help keep you motivated and there is nothing better than the proud feeling of reaching one of your goals! If you have difficulty keeping a running routine for yourself check out the many difrent running apps available for your smart phone (there are just too many to name). a good running app will give you an overview of your progress and give you great instructions on how to set up a training plan or tell you how to improve.

Soon I will be sharing more about maintaining your body with information about stretching your muscles and how to train your core stability.

Martina Plunger