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how to pack a suitcase.

whether you are getting ready for a bus tour or about to fly between every gig on a festival circuit, it is important to pack efficiently. you need to decide what you need to travel with and what you don’t need to travel with. this can be difficult when you are going to be away from home for two months, changing locations everyday. a lot of the time, even after you have carefully considered every last thing you plan on packing, you still don’t have enough room.this is when a better suitcase packing method will probably help you out. i know that there are many many different ways to pack your suitcase and that none of them are the “right” way, but one of them will be the right way for you. the methods listed below are some of the ways that i have tested myself.

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  •  fold pants in half
  • and then roll
  •  continue this same procedure with all articles of clothing.
    • this is the way i pack my bag, everything is bundled tightly and stays in place during transportation. i now can just unzip the top of my suitcase (fabric clamshell roller) and reach inside blindly and know where to get some fresh morning underwear and socks.
    • this method creates less creases than traditional folding.



bundle wrapping


  •  start with shirts or jackets
    • place shirt with the sleeves and the body all sticking out the respective 3 sides of your suitcase.
  • then pants
    • fold in half pocket to pocket
    • place pants with the legs strait and hanging out the 4th side of the bag
  • then the core
    • could be toiletries, socks and underwear bundled in a bag, shoes etc…
    • should be fairly wide and sturdy
    • place in the center of the bundle
  • fold pants over core
  • then fold shirts/jackets over the core starting with sleeves then body
    • no creases or wrinkles
    • takes time.
    • not quickly accessible.
    • good for nice clothes that need to be wrinkle and crease free.
  • if you know what you will need the next time you are going into your suitcase, you can pack these things in the core for easier/quicker access



bundle/roll method


  • use the bundle method, the core is everything that you have rolled.

some things are way off my radar when I’m packing and i’ll forget something and later regret it. the worst offender- my bathing suit. i probably own 15 bathing suits, i end up buying one almost every time i don’t pack it. to help me avoid this problem i have a list of items i should have with me every time i travel. the main things i suggest to everyone are:

    • raincoat


    • welles


    • adaptors


    • flip flops. no one wants to catch a fungus from the venue shower.


    • sunglasses


    • bathing suit


    • small duffle style bag. at least one. great for when your suitcase weighs too much and you need to take stuff out to carry on the flight, use it for a day bag, dirty laundry etc…


  • bandana. use as a dust mask, a bandage, napkin, sweat band etc…