THIS TOUR LIFE: A New Mission.

When we first set out to do the articles that have since become ‘this tour life’, we had a rough idea of what they would be…

Our mission was to search out answers to the many questions we had, especially the ones without a strong consensus in the touring community and  the things not easily found with a simple internet search. We’d asked ourselves – “Can we easily google this question and find solid fact supported answers?”. If the answer was no, then our research would begin.

In order to make this ‘blog’ more than just about our personal experiences and points of view, we enlisted the help of outside guest writers to gain new perspectives. We hoped to dispense a particular level of insight and experience that sometimes gets overlooked or taken for granted in our business. We then attempted to address a wide array of topics. Looking into the many aspects of touring that we found to be relevant, or again, lacked easily searched answers. Things such as input lists, case building, per diem , de-tuning and more. Eventually, through out all our research, we began to see the many possible health consequences, mental and physical. Consequences, that we believed, we were personally sustaining after years of touring the world.

Through more extensive research and investigation we started to see evidence of what that toll might truly be. The continuous disruptions of normal routines like sleep patterns and meal times alone are enough to cause devastating damage. Beyond the obvious causes we are often in unfamiliar environments, disconnected from friends and family and experiencing strenuous work days and high stress situations. Everyone of these factors causing its own compounding damage. This is the nature of the career that we love and we’ve found it may come with a very heavy price.


…So our journey for finding ways to mitigate the effects of a life on the road began…

Over the next 4 years we exhaustively searched for solutions that would help build a resilience to the challenges of a career on the road. We began testing and researching, and testing and researching some more- We searched for the most accurate information we could find, hoping to be a resource for those in the touring industry.
We are proud to have been a part of bringing the conversation of mental health in our community out of the dark. We have seen more and more attention given to the subject of mental and physical health in relation to touring. Once an unspoken subject now seems to have become a more open, and accepted, topic of conversation. Mental Health has, right fully so, become the subject of panels in industry conferences and events. Now that health and wellness is taking its place as something to be seriously aware of when touring,
what exactly are we doing about it? What are the solutions or actionable buffers? How do we help make tour life better, healthier, more sustainable? How do we recover from the negative consequences and build possitives? How do we recharge in-order to endure this tour life?

-Building Resilience –

-“if you have too much time in the performance zone, you need more time in the recovery zone, otherwise you risk burnout. Mustering your resources to “try hard” requires burning energy in order to overcome your currently low arousal level. This is called upregulation. It also exacerbates exhaustion. Thus the more imbalanced we become due to overworking, the more value there is in activities that allow us to return to a state of balance. The value of a recovery period rises in proportion to the amount of work required of us.” Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

What started out as a search for personal solutions has become a mission to bring these solutions to everyone in our extended touring families. Asking ourselves the question -“how do we recover and build resilience?”

We have been working hard on bring information to light that can help touring people with life on the road for quite some time now. We have been diligently working to bring the things we personally use and the things that we have experienced the benefits of to this site. Be it products or information that restore and allows us to maintain a healthy balance. Lowering our risk of burning out. We are excited to finally announce that this year we plan to begin releasing products to the site. Our own brand will be available right here! Products that we believe are the most effective in helping promote a healthy, resilient mind and body. Things that can be used on and off the road for better recovery, stress and anxiety management, improved sleep and more. All created with the extremes of touring in full consideration.

The Power of Community and Giving Our Support. 

We believe in community. We believe in the power of information. We believe in the importance of wellness and in the benefits of charity. We believe in trying to make a difference. This is why we pledge to donate a portion of proceeds to MusiCares in hopes to do our continued part in supporting the mental and physical health of our music touring community.

If you would like to know in advance as soon as these products are available, discounts and/or more information regarding further updates and details you can join our mailing list below…

Thank you for your continued support and hopefully you will join us on our new mission for a better tour life! Join Our Crew!

This Tour Life – Be Resilient!.

‘Resilience is the capacity to cope with stress and adversity. It comes from believing in yourself and, at the same time, in something bigger than yourself. Resilience is not a trait that people are born with; it involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone.’

Help support Our Community by looking fresh

 Every sale of our “Flag” design merch donates $5 to touring based charities in hopes of doing our continued part in supporting the mental and physical health of our music touring community.

Help support Our Community by looking fresh

 every sale of our “Flag” design merch donates $5 to touring based charities in hopes of doing our continued part in supporting the mental and physical health of our music touring community.


Please Reach out with any questins or concerns you may have. 

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